Visua VSMDPPS Metal Detector Pinpointer Review

Visua Metal Detector Pinpointer

Product Rating: [usr 3]

After a recent beach metal detecting session, I realised that I had lost my trusty pinpointer. I decided not to go back to the beach looking for it, as it would have been like looking for a ‘needle in a haystack,’ plus it was getting dark. I personally find that a pinpointer is an essential tool whilst out metal detecting, and needed a quick replacement for my lost accessory. However due to being ‘cash strapped,’ I could not afford to splash out over 100 quid on a quality pinpointer from the likes of Garret or Makro.

Since a new pinpointer was an urgent requirement for myself, and I had little cash to spare I opted for the Visua VSMDPPS at the bargain basement price of only £19.99. I placed my order on Ebay, and had a brand new pinpointer ready for action within a space of only 2 days, however at only £19.99 I wasn’t too sure what to expect (I was pleasantly surprised.)

The Visua is not surprisingly ‘cheap and cheerful,’ and is ideal if you are on a tight budget. Three flashing LED’s and a beeping tone indicate how close the tip of the pinpointer is to the target object; the more rapid the beeping tone, and the greater the number of LED’s flashing indicates that you are getting closer to the target. This is a feature found normally on only more expensive pinpointers, and is highly useful in cutting down the time to locate an object hidden in the earth. The pinpointer also vibrates on finding a metallic object.

The Visua even features a handly LED light, which is genuinely useful when light is fading and you can’t see an object lying at the bottom of a hole.

However, I will say that there is a downside to this bargain pinpointer; it’s not waterproof, and you have to be very careful with it when close to water. If you do get water in it, there is a fair chance that it will break. I accidentally dropped the Visua into a pool of water for no more than a few seconds. The water managed to get into the machine via the loudspeaker, and it essentially ceased to function. However I managed to save the day by placing the pinpointer on top of a warm radiator for an hour or so. Once the Visua has dried out, it started working again!

Due to the Visua not being waterproof, it is not ideal for beach detecting, however you can get away with submersing the tip of the device in water, up to a certain point (just be very careful.) I’d be happy to recommend this pinpointer for field detecting, dry sand, shingle etc.

The bottom line is the Visua is great value for money, however don’t expect too much from something that costs only £19.99.

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